We represent a community of users dedicated to the idea that business relationships should be tactful, respectful, meaningful, and profitable. While we understand that personal relationships often develop between involved parties before and during their interaction with our system, all interactions between members on our website and within our communities must be professional.

Any listed contact Information (including e-mail addresses, usernames, or domain addresses) must be professional and neutral in nature. Any member who publishes posts, exchanges messages, creates usernames or contact information, exchanges photographs, or has contact of any kind that is deemed inappropriate by our administration is subject to scrutiny and grounds for immediate termination with or without advanced notice. This includes content containing spiritual epithets, coarse or foul language, sexual content, racial slang, false advertising, and cross promotion of any kind. Users are also not permitted to verbally attack the methods of any other member, nor are they permitted to demean the efforts or intelligence of others in any way or at any time. In addition, the non-abuse of staff is a fundamental right of the administration and we reserve the right to terminate any member's account for any reason our administration deems valid.

This includes but is not limited to: violations of this agreement, abuse of staff or members, defamation of any sort, or any action which is deemed detrimental to our company, its staff, its members, or its reputation. This termination may be made with or without notice. In some sense, both our company, and our members share a reputation as a business.
Kindly treat the site, its members, your leads, and all people of the world with the utmost courtesy as ambassadors of your own brand. 

To report a breach of this agreement by any member contact administration immediately with photo evidence and details. Your privacy will be our highest priority.
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